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Peter Parker. With great power, comes great badassery. Saving the world under 30 minutes. If it's over 30 minutes, it's free.

Tracked Tag: nerdyspiderman & nerdyspookyman

Male FC: Andrew Garfield

Teen!FC: Dylan O'Brien

Female FC: Zooey Deschanel

Future!Male FC: Misha Collins/Hugh Dancy

Future!Fem FC: Tina Fey

M!A: None

[ Independent RP blog. Possible NSFW. ]
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[ Semi Hiatus ]

I WILL write a solo for Pete and his quest to find THE ALMIGHTY GOLDEN GIRLS DVD BOX SET!

…When I’m actually not procastinating and actually doing stuff. *nods*

What we know so far:

It was special edition. 

It was stolen by a Chitauri who crashed into his living room. (WHICH EXPLAINS WHY PETE WASN’T IN THE AVENGERS. HE WAS BUSY TRYING TO FIND THAT ONE ALIEN.)

Pete suspects its in SHIELD custody. 

Because it’s Golden Girls and it’s PERFECTION. 

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